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The Company locates in Jining City Shandong Province of East China, one of the most developed area of China and the frontal area for coal transferring from north to south. It is adjacent to world major coal importing countries - Japan, South Korea and enjoys convenient transportation network..

Besides Rizhao Port, Qingdao Port and Lianyungang Port to the east, railway lines of Beijing to Shanghai, Yanzhou to Shijiusuo, Yanzhou to Xinxiang and expressway of Beijing to Fuzhou, Beijing to Shanghai are all passing through its coalfield, the Company also owns modern river wharf connecting to the Grand Canal of Beijing to Hangzhou and a self-operating railway line connecting all coal mines of the Company.

Being advantageous in geographical location and transportation, the Company has grown into one of the large-scale coal enterprises with the strongest competitiveness among markets of South China, East China and even Northeast Asia.


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